Gegasoft Holy Quran Reader (Translations and Tafaseer Available Now Online Free)

Gegasoft Holy Quran Reader

Gegasoft Holy Quran Reader is application of Gegasoft which is launched soon and this contains a Holy Quran Translations and Tafaseer for users to easily read online and search text from them. User can easily navigate between Holy Quran Pages, By Surah, By Parah, By Surah Ruku, By Surah Verse, By Parah Ruku etc.

This application contains the following translations and tafaseer online to be read.


1) Tarjuma Kanzul Iman
2) Tarjuma Zia Ul Quran
3) Tarjuma Tibyan Ul Quran


1) Tafseer Khazain Ul Arfan
2) Tafseer Qurtabi
3) Tafseer Ibn E Kaseer
4) Tafseer Jalalain
5) Tafseer Sanai
6) Tafseer Dur E Mansoor
7) Tafseer Mazhari
8) Tafseer Zia Ul Quran

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Gegasoft Fast Comments Poster

Gegasoft Fast Comments Poster v.1.0

Gegasoft Fast Comments Poster v.1.0

Gegasoft Fast Comments Poster V1.0

Gegasoft fast comments poster v1.0 is a automatic comments poster software like scrapebox, comments blaster, and senuke which lets you post comments to blogs for getting high quality backlinks and higher google page rank. It is a complete SEO tool which lets you harvest for the urls for specific list of keyphrases. You can even generate keyphrases from list of keywords by combining those keywords. This tool lets you check for the working proxies list and their anonimity and let you save working proxies list to your proxy box in gegasoft fast comments poster v1.0. Finally it lets you post comments onto blogs urls which you got after harvesting. The majour functions of gegasoft fast comments poster v1.0 are as followings.
1. Proxy Manager Tool
2. Keywords Generator Tool
3. URls Harvester Tool
4. Fast Comments Poster Tool

Gegasoft Keywords Generator

Gegasoft Keywords Generator

Gegasoft Keywords Generator


Keywords are the most important and most need for the websites to get more and more traffic against the topics your provide. You want keywords which are the most searched at search engines having low competition. There are many a tools which harvest for the keywords but here gegasoft has been going to lauch a keywords software which does not find for the keywords or search for the keywords or harvest keywords from the search engines but it joines keywords lists to generate keywords or long tail keywords.

Gegasoft Search Engine Harvester

Gegasoft Search Engine Harvester

Gegasoft Search Engine Harvester

Search Engine Harvesting

Search Engine harvesting is a process of grabbing links from search engine search results pages (SERPs) for getting a huge list of keywords relevant websites or blogs. The list of blogs or websites is important for comments posting to get higher rank in google related your niche. Normally google, bing and yahoo links are grabbed for this purpose. The scrapebox, xrumer or any comments posting software uses this to grab wordpress blogs by quering advanced search engine operators to post comments onto. So, you need to harvest google bing or yahoo links to post on comments to get higher google bing or yahoo page rank. Gegasoft made a software search engine harvester which helps you grab links from search engine SERPs a generate a huge list of blogs or furums or any query you make by using filtering command.

Gegasoft Proxy Manager

Gegasoft Proxy Manager

Gegasoft Proxy Manager

Proxies are important for anonymous surfing or for scrapebox, xrumer users. There are three types of proxies to be used. Elite or high anonymous proxies are those proxies which dont show web server that it is a proxy or not proxy. Anonymous proxies are those proxies which tells web server that you are using proxies but does not tell your real ip address to the web server whereas the third type of proxies or non-anonymous proxies tell that you are using proxy and also tells your real ip address. So, its very important to check for the working proxies and non-working proxies.

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